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Wade Into New Media

Incorporate some new media into your internal communications.  Adapt to the preferences of your workforce. Invigorate the information flow.

Look at your website. Figure out a way to use a small piece for some dynamic interaction.

Put up a FAQ wiki for Human Resources or a discussion board. Investigate a micro-blogging tool such as .  You could even look at using some type of micro-messaging like within your existing web domain.

Do a pilot effort so you can evolve the use and the fit within your organization.  There does not need to be a revolution.

The steps are straightforward:
Figure out what you’re trying to accomplish.
Define your audience.
Decide you want them to do.
Pick which media tools will help.
Put up the pilot.
Invite people to use it.
Watch the use.
Ask for feedback and you will get it.

The technology is fluid. Stay nimble.  Change as you need to adapt to the feedback and usage.

The new information flow is worth it.

Posted by Jackie Jackson, July 16, 2010 in Resources.