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Presentations By Jack Consulting

Assisting with Financial Readiness to Retire
Preparing to make retirement decisions means understanding basic financial concepts and one's own circumstances and future needs. There are numerous sources of unbiased information and guidance available in a lots of formats which employers can provide as help for their people.

Employee Benefits Communications
Conflicts between complex decisionmaking and inadequate information delivery are only getting more prevalent for most benefits sponsors. Recent research in behaviorial economics and differentiated learning strongly support using varying information channels for diverse employee audiences and allows better marketing of benefits to more people.

Managing Compensation in an Uncertain Economy
Responses to employee benefits questions from the Richmond Compensation Association.

Communicating Benefits Across Generations
Preferred sources for information are changing almost daily. Communicating benefits successfully means incorporating varying media which appeal to the multiple generations in the workforce.

Dilemma for Benefits Communications
Rethinking how to communicate benefits effectively within organizations given the increasing complexity of benefits choices for employees and the growing preference for information from new media

Current Trends in Benefits
Learn about the practicality of high deductible medical plans, spiraling medical insurance costs, hiring and retaining employees, and using technology for benefits communication

Explaining Complicated Benefits Choices to New Media Users
Employ technology to explain increasingly sophisticated benefits choices to younger employees who don’t read printed materials

Generational Communications
Convey increasingly complex employee benefits information to the four different generations currently in the workforce